Delta Striper Fishing
Championship Sportfishing Outfitters specializes in
Striped bass trolling in the California Delta. The best delta
striper fishing starts in mid February and runs through
May. During the winter months late December and
through January when the waters of the delta reach their
winter levels, Striped bass metabolisms slows way down
and are reluctant to feed in the frigid waters. Come mid
February when the water starts to warm, the stripers are
hungry and on the feed. Delta stripers will begin to school
in great numbers before running up the Sacramento and
Feather rivers. We will chase them up and down the
system until June, when delta stripers will make an
appearance in San Francisco Bay to feed on the rocks.

Delta stripers will then make a run up and down the
coastal beaches before returning to San Francisco for
another feeding before making their journey back to the
delta during the fall. Striped bass will then winter in the
delta before starting the cycle over again.  The Best
striper fishing in the delta will be from mid February
through the end of May and again in the Fall from
Sept-November. For the best delta striper fishing we
prefer the trolling method from our 21ft river jet boat in
the spring and early fall. In the late fall we will be soaking
live baits in between sturgeon bites.